ASE Education division promotes learning and social development work with individuals and groups in associated communities using a range of formal and informal methods. ASE Education division strives to advance knowledge about education, to encourage scholarly publications related to education, and to promote the use of research to improve education and serve the society.

The ASE Education division Journal publishes original empirical and theoretical studies and analyses in education that constitute significant contributions to the understanding and/or improvement of educational processes and outcomes.

ASE Education division produces and coordinates conferences on educational subjects and related issues; Connecting educators internationally to share, build and find research and evidence about effective educational practice.

ASE Education division support global partnerships, co-research and collaboration. New communities can be quickly set up. The purpose of ASE Education division is to develop the capacity of individuals and groups of all ages through their actions, the capacity of communities, to improve their quality of life.

The Education Division aims to be a leader in educational research. Annual conferences are held on topics pertaining to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) educational research topics.
The current scope of research topics is as follows:

·   Minority Access
·   Social Networks in STEM Education
·   Gender Differences in STEM Education
·   Research and Communication in STEM
·   Economics of STEM Education


The Education Division currently sponsors one premier journal -The Education Journal- to cover novel pedagogical findings in STEM fields.



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