•  Excellence in interdisciplinary study and research is facilitated and, in many ways, realized through the ASE Academic Cluster Initiative.
  • Clusters exist in a variety of emergent research areas, new disciplinary configurations, and unique synergistic collaborations among scientists, engineers, humanists, and social scientists.
  • Clusters enable participating members to join a cohort of academician/scholars group not only in their degree program but also potentially in many other departments, labs, and research traditions who are working on a common set of problems. In this way, many academician/scholars draw upon these experiences when designing their research projects, writing research proposals.
  • Academician/Scholars who affiliate with clusters are counseled to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular symposia, lectures, seminars, mini-conferences, and other events that bring together scholars and researchers. These events broaden academician’/scholars’ training opportunities and widen their networks of contacts and colleagues, provide additional intellectual stimulation, and ensure exposure to cutting edge inter- and multi-disciplinary research.
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